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About Us

Send To Quality

We have been providing consumers with fresh-from-the-field flowers since 1989.Therefore, it`s not surprising that our family – owned business has led the flower industry in providing a freshness guarantee on every order. Here’s why !

Roses have their thorns carefully removed and thirsty flowers like Dendrobiums get individual water vials. Every bouquet is carefully packaged, wrapped in cellophane, and sent in our signature gift box along with a personalized gift card so your warm wishes shine through.

Service with a smile

Send To employees have one job and that is to ensure you send or are sent the highest quality flowers and gifts. We guarantee your flowers will arrive fresh and in perfect condition on or by the date you specify. There’s simply no easier or more reliable way to send your flowers !

Flowers fresh-from-the-start

Our online business in Western Australia began by sending 500 bouquets of carnations to the UK for Christmas.26 years later, we supply a wide range of bouquets to more than 60 000 customers in eleven different countries around the world.

Flowers fresh-from-the-field

With assistance from our preferred partners around the world, our employees and experts nurture the flowers from bud to blossom, ensuring only the finest flowers get picked for your bouquet.

From Bud to Bloom

Our flowers are shipped whilst they’re still in bud, ensuring that the flowers you have sent last longer. Within a few days, the bud should begin to open and fresh blossoms will emerge. The flowers exhibit a great deal of vitality, just as they would if they were growing in the garden resulting in longer lasting blossoms.

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